Spirabilis Exhibited In EcoRedux 02

We are excited to announce FABRICATION LABORATORY has chosen to include Spirabilis for its exhibition EcoRedux 02: Design Manuals for a Dying Planet.  Taking place at the Disseny Hub Barcelona the exhibition explores the contemporary resurgence of ecological strategies in the architectural imagination.  Spirabilis is a Pneumastudio proposal developed by Chris Perry, Cathryn Dwyre, and Justin Snider.

The exhibition aims to cast light on current perceptions of sustainable design practices by depicting a shift from object – photovoltaic cells, solar panels, recycling devices, etc. – to method – a process-based understanding of materials, fabrication techniques and an opportunistic field of adhoc ecology, for specific local needs, places and purposes.

-exhibition website

For more information see the site for the exhibition or EcoRedux.

See more great work by Chris Perry at the Servo.